Election Information

REGISTRATION ON ELECTION DAY:  Be sure to bring along proof of residence.  As proof of residence, any one of the following is authorized.
-Valid Minnesota driver’s license or learner’s permit (or receipt for either) showing current address in precinct
-Valid Minnesota identification card (or receipt) showing current address or one of the above with a former address and a current utility bill
-Tribal ID
-A current utility bill with a photo ID card
-U. S. passport with current utility bill
-U. S.  military ID card with current utility bill
-Oath of a voter registered in the precinct, who is not a challenger, signed in the presence of a judge who also signs the oath
"Notice of ineffective registration”
-Valid registration in the same precinct

Students may use:
-Student ID card fee statement
-Student registration card with current address on it 
-A certified student list with current address & student photo ID 
-A utility bill with current address & student ID card
QUALIFICATIONS FOR VOTERS:  To vote in any election in Minnesota, you must be:
-18 or more years of age on the day of the election
-A citizen of the United States
-A resident of the state for at least 20 days 
* If you have not voted in the last four years, changed your name or address, you must re-register on Election Day at your precinct.*